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N.S. railway station Sloterdijk

A tubular station roof on the second floor

At the Sloterdijk station, two railway lines cross each other on different levels. The Amsterdam-Haarlem line (east-west) is at floor level; while the Schiphol-line (north-south) runs on a viaduct. To shield travellers from inclement weather, the second level, platforms and all, is enclosed in a kind of wide glass tube. The sidewalls of this tubular construction are carried on curved castellated beams. Made by Grünbauer. What else did you expect?

The station roof under construction, seen along the platform. Did you notice that the platform is also curved (slightly) in the horizontal plane?

The station roof finished, exterior view. Looks good, doesn't it? The horizontal strips of glass panes, tilted at ever increasing angles, sparkle like the facets of a brilliant.

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