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Our attitude

Keywords: reliable - we know what we're talking about - flexible - wide awake

As suppliers we are fully aware of the fact, that our activities form part of YOUR production process. They are but a link in YOUR chain. Well, WE forge the strongest links - that's what WE guarantee. Our motto? Grünbauer, strong in steel !

The Austrian philosopher Robert Musil (1880-1942) writes in his masterpiece "The man without qualities", published in English translation by Knopf, New York:

Having something to regret may be just the thing to give you the strength to do something far better than you might ever have done otherwise. It is never what one does that counts, but only what one does next!

We feel that this valediction fits us well. Often enough, it is the subcontractor who is the deciding factor in a smooth work flow and not the main contractor ....

Grünbauer on the VAT (the best-known Dutch suppliers' tradeshow)


For a supplier like us, reliability is absolute top priority. We stand by the agreements with our customers. Unconditionally. Agreed delivery dates - agreed accuracy and dimensioning - agreed prices. Once settled, they are inviolable.

We know what we're talking about

We have a long experience in our field and we know precisely what you (and we) are talking about. We understand the nature of your wishes. We can and do think along with you. For example, by examining drawings you supply, offering commentary and suggestions from our specialised production knowledge. We can and do offer advice as requested.


In the 60-plus years we've been in business, we've not rusted, or slowed down. On the contrary! We follow technical developments in steel construction, in steel fabrication and steel preservation from close range. We command a wide range of specialisms. On the one hand we can show marvellous examples of computer-controlled production methods; on the other hand we can and do still offer traditional skills. When it comes to volume and capacity, Grünbauer in Diemen (near Amsterdam) is your chosen partner in steel.

Strong in steel !

Grünbauer: a name to mark and remember! Email, phone, fax or write us and make our acquaintance. Or ask for a specific offer - which is bound to turn out highly competitive.

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Wide awake ....

We are wide awake and open for all comments you'd care to make re our brand new presentation on the Internet. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Do send us an e-mail .... just click the name below and your email-programme opens with a New Message pre-addressed to us. Nothing could be easier, could it?

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