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Located in Diemen

Keywords: efficient - capacious - centrally situated

Grünbauer BV is a versatile and well-equipped concern. An up-to-date fabricator, offering a wide range of services to steel constructors and steel stockholders. We excel in flexibility and reliability, thanks to our spacious and well-appointed shops.

Grünbauer BV seen from the Venserweg.

Our factory-site occupies nearly 25.000 square meters, 1/3 of which is covered with large shops. These are well laid-out and provided with ample crane capacity, so we can easily handle very large parts and assemblies. In our shops, you will find modern machine tools and welding and cutting plant, enabling us to guarantee top quality for all our products.

Another view, taken towards the north-east.

You will find Grünbauer BV on the Verrijn Stuart industrial estate, in Diemen near Amsterdam. Can you imagine a location more centrally placed in Holland? It seems unlikely! Centrally in the aerial photograph below, our plant.

The canal at the top of the photo is the Weespervaart. The road seen running along the left border of the photo is the Venserweg (main entrance and offices). The road running from left-bottom towards middle-right is the Visseringweg (rear entrance).

We are not fazed when (very) large components have to be dispatched. The Verrijn Stuart industrial estate is well-situated with easy access to several motorways. Even the longest beams do not cause problems - that's how it should be!

A set of huge cambered I-beams? A series of those handsome castellated beams? They are speeded towards their destination with all despatch and under skilled supervision.

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