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Grünbauer splitts steel. For instance, to cut a single I- or H-beam to obtain two T-shapes of non-standard dimensions. We can extend the cut till nearly under the flanges! Of course we also straighten the split sections, to correct deformation due to released rolling stresses. Cutting of the basic shapes for castellated beams is another example of this technology. Simple straight castellated beams or sharply-curved, it's all in the day's work for us.

Our Messer Griesheim x-y cutting plant is used to prepare the halves of castellated beams; to produce end plates, filler plates and spacer plates; to longitudinally cut beams and rolled sections to be used in composite beams and girders.

The machine has a very wide span and working length, so that we can cut plates of large dimensions. The free overhang at one end of the arm allows cutting of high products.

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