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Gritblasting and welding primer


Rolling mill scale and rust spoil all efforts in priming and coating of steel. We operate modern gritblasting plant of high capacity to remove scale and rust to best specifications. We suggest that you have US apply the welding primer to all steel we treat. This minimizes the risk of intermediate re-rusting during transport and storage and prevents problems in later coating.


End december 2000 we dismantled the larger of our two existing gritblasting installations, to replace it with a brand-new plant supplied by Gietart, Hengelo. Early in january 2001 the new plant was in full operation.

The new machine is equipped with various special Grünbauer-innovations, some of which are patented. The special advantage of this installation is, that it can be operated both with the automatic spraying head and manually. With this machine, we can gritblast constructions while at the same time paint spraying is going on, fully unhindered. This reduces costs; at the same time your order will be finished more quickly ....

The new gritblasting machine.

The new Gietart-installation is of larger capacity than the earlier one. Maximum throughput width is 3300 mm. So we can effortlessly gritblast plates of up to 3200 mm width. As these are perfectly supported in the blasting tunnel, we can treat plates of as small a thickness as 3 mm, without any hocus-pocus. That is, without any deformation, of course.

The mouth of the machine is stepped. In the middle, over a width of 1000 mm, the free height is 700 mm. Over a width of 2500 mm the free height is 600 mm. In this way, we can treat those constructions with just that little bit of extra height ....

Images from the workfloor

This spacious shop houses our two gritblasting machines, suitable for a maximum working width of 3,2 metres. After gritblasting, we apply welding primer. Then the finished beams, pipes, girders, whatever, are prepared for delivery.

A load of pipes can best be bundled for transport on a lorry. We have ample overhead cranes and all kind of packaging facilities to simplify materials handling.

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